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Automatic Opening Vents (AOVs)

Smoke ventilation systems are used in buildings for
a number of reasons, one of those is to clear smoke
from core areas like stairwells and corridors to help
people escape safely from buildings in the event of a
fire. In order to try and ensure the system operates as
intended every time, it is important that the equipment
used has proven levels of reliability under demanding
conditions and is built to sufficient quality standards
and CE marked accordingly.

EN 12101 is a ’European Norm‘ suite of standards
covering Smoke Ventilation equipment including
dampers, fans and control equipment. EN 12101-2
specifically covers ’Natural Smoke and Heat Exhaust
Ventilators‘, and this includes automated windows
used for Smoke Ventilation, often known as AOVs
(Automated Opening Vents).

Table by the Window

why choose aov windows?

Every multiple occupancy building must have smoke vents to ensure harmful fumes have a manner of escape from the building in the case of a fire. Being linked to the smoke alarm system means that these vents will open automatically. 

AOV's windows can save lives by keeping key escape routes in the building clear of harmful smoke. 


These vents can also provide natural ventilation to maintain a comfortable environment and provide fresh air if the building is to hot. 

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Aumaxum are a certified WindowMaster Partner who specialise in smoke ventilation products and solutions for the improvement of the indoor climate for commercial and residential grade projects. 

WindowMaster actuators and control systems for natural, hybrid, and smoke ventilation are of the highest quality, tested by local and international regulatory bodies. 

We integrate WindowMaster Actuators with the tested Schueco systems to provide a reliable and fully tested solution for smoke ventilation. 

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