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Passive House, Oxfordshire

This is first passive house project by AumAxum. These buildings are self sustainable and don't require a conventional heating system. 

This house can reduce the amount of energy consumption from heating, hot water and electricity, making the house thermally efficient.

Rendered by studio flip

This endeavour and our efforts were recognized by Schuco. Our extraordinary work was published on 'Abode' magazine.


Thomas Croft House, Notting Hill

This was Aumaxum Ltd's first project where we installed Aluminium systems provided by Schüco. This was installed at a renowned architects home which was in Notting Hill. Furthermore our outstanding work was published in the Telegraph and Grand Designs magazine.

Thomas Croft project has been published on 'The Telegraph' and 'Grand Design Magazine'.

SCHÜCO Headquarters, Milton Keynes

The Leaders chose us..


AumAxum was chosen for this prestigious project of designing the  SCHÜCO showroom in Milton Keynes. 

The project for a globally renowned organisation was a big success.